Alan Strachan, Ph. D. Santa Cruz Area Marriage and Family Therapist
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What is not brought to consciousness, comes to us as fate.
~ Carl Jung

Gender Healing

I have been certified in Gender Reconciliation through the Satyana Institute. An excerpt from the Satyana website describes the need for Gender Reconciliation:

Despite the major advances of the women's and men's movements, gender injustice remains a fundamental challenge worldwide. The infamous "battle of the sexes" rages on across the globe on myriad levels, ranging from the banal to the catastrophic. . . .

Both women and men are afflicted by gender injustice, and each needs the other for a true and complete healing. Such unified gender work is almost entirely absent in our society, even in otherwise highly conscious social, political, spiritual, and organizational contexts. Satyana Institute's Gender Reconciliation program was created to take first steps toward filling this void.

[The] . . . gender reconciliation [events and trainings] have demonstrated that powerful, largely untapped dimensions of collective healing and transformation are possible when women and men jointly address gender disharmony with sensitive care and integrity in skillfully facilitated mixed groups.

Gender conditioning is rarely addressed in our society, yet it has a profound effect on our understanding of who we are and on our relationships.  Throughout my practice I have supported clients to move beyond conditioned roles to a deeper authenticity.  The Gender Reconciliation training has greatly enhanced my sensitivity to and understanding of gender role conditioning, and I bring this deeper awareness to my work.