Alan Strachan, Ph. D. Santa Cruz Area Marriage and Family Therapist
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Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love. ~ Rumi

We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.
~ Talmud


I have provided counseling for individual adults and couples for over 30 years (MFT license #21129). The issues I work with include:

Relationship Difficulties

Relationship issues are the most common topic people wish to explore. I can help you improve your communication skills, learn how to more effectively resolve conflict, and become more comfortable with emotional and physical intimacy.

Emotional Challenges

I work with you so that you are better able to identify and appropriately express a wide range of feelings, including the more challenging feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, grief, fear, and despair.  I have also worked extensively with adults who were abused as children.

Spiritual Concerns

The integration of spirituality into daily life is a deeply personal and richly rewarding process.  I work with you to clarify your life purpose, align behavior with your spiritual values, and to experience relationship as a spiritual path.

I also work with people who have been wounded by their contact with dysfunctional spiritual communities.

Gender Healing

Gender role conditioning creates a great deal of misunderstanding and pain, both as an inner, personal issue, and in our relationships.  I support clients who wish to move from roles to authenticity, who experience a loss of self through sexual obsession, and who are challenged by issues of abandonment and betrayal.

Health and Wellness

Physical, mental and spiritual well-being are intimately connected.  Psychological issues can appear as physical symptoms, and physical illness can create emotional distress.  I can help you with issues such as stress management, substance abuse, and coping with chronic illness.